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Free ClassifiedPicture Credit: Baltic Seaplanes, GmbH

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Free Classified

Credit: Baltic Seaplanes, GmbH

Readers of continue to enjoy free classified ads on this website for privately sold items. Here are a few rules and tips to make the best of your listing.

Recently, larger numbers of listings reach us, but we find that they lack key information, pictures or both or violate our rules for commercial listings.

Please use the following tips and tricks to make sure your items shows up on our classified listing.

Minimum Listing Requirements

  • A text, describing the item in as much detail as you would require to buy it. Especially for parts, status, condition, serviceability, last overhaul, basically anything you would want to know prior to buying a part.
  • A picture showing the item, part or aircraft in good lighting conditions
  • A price for the item, part or aircraft
  • Contact information (email or telephone)

Commercial Vendors

If the goal is to sell a product or service in a B2C (business to customer) environment, our free classifieds are not the right tool. This includes aircraft, parts and services sold to the public in a commercial scope and include listings from flight schools and training outfits.

Options For Commercial Vendors

Please contact for further details and prices.

We can help with Advertorials, Banners and paid Classifieds!

Thank you!

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