“Pro ATC Privatization” Facebook Trolls


Frequent “Pro ATC Privatization” Trolling Detected

FacebookFacebook and similar social media portals have been used extensively in positioning of Business & General Aviation advocacy groups in fierce opposition of ATC Privatization, also known as H.R. 2997. The 21st Century AIRR Act, which seeks to privatize the air traffic control system is expected to reduce general aviation access to airports and airspace. The push to privatize air traffic control is largely supported by U.S. airlines and long backed by some in Congress.

Trump argued that the change would speed up efforts to modernize air traffic control, which he said the FAA has failed to do quickly enough. He contended that the move would make travel routes more efficient and reduce delays that travelers see at airports. Grandiose rhetoric combined with insufficient insight into the existing system and ignorance towards the core reasons for a somewhat plagued but functioning and safe ATC system, has brought lots of confusion and downright hostility into an already divided aviation industry.

FacebookDozens of advocacy organizations issued immediate calls to action for their members and nonmembers to contact their elected representatives to seek support in opposing H.R. 2997. Many of the associations are seemingly struggling with adapting to a changed battlefield in advocacy work. There is the realization for the need to get each and every member individually involved by contacting their representatives. Gone are the days of paying a membership fee and leaning back. Opposing this bill, for example requires personal effort and time.

The Importance of  Facebook Campaigning Is Highlighted

Manipulating public opinion through social media comments, online bullying and hostility against news and media outlets is a common sight in today’s political battlefield. Seaplanemagazine.com is not immune from being called “Fake News” and we embrace the challenges that come with peoples opinions. We recently noted a severe uptick in comments, especially when sharing (e.g.) NBAA’s Facebook posts. Social media definitely presents its own unique challenges here:

“Are you in bed with NBAA or AOPA?”, “Bunch of baloney, the advantages of ATC Privatization far outweigh the negative aspects!” ; “You should be taken out of business for opposing this”

Being politically trolled by supporters of any propaganda is somewhat new and surprising, however there is help. Recently NBAA sent out a list of 10 debunking posters for use on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter & Co. NBAA also created a document that responds to recent misrepresentations and myths about general aviation and our nation’s ATC system. Learn the truth about H.R2997.

Pushing back against ATC Privatization and taking a position when political rhetoric rules the world is not an option, its the right thing to do. The opponent may dislike it, but can’t censor it. Simple, really! Seaplanemagazine.com stays firmly planted on the side of those rejecting and opposing ATC Privatization and we support and take part in the #NoPrivatizedATC campaign of NBAA and others. General & Business Aviation represents our target audience and our customers.


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