Pilots Wanted: Emergency Exercise August 9th, PNW

Pilots & Aircraft For Emergency Exercise Wanted – Reposted

This is a renewed call to action for Seaplane Pilots in Washington State and surrounding states, to support and join an Emergency Exercise in Jefferson County. Great opportunity to let the seaplane industry shine by demonstrating the industries rescue and disaster response capabilities! Please contact our Emergency & Disaster Response Editor Sky Terry, directly for details and to get set up.


The emergency planners for Jefferson County and fire would like to conduct a low key exercise in Jefferson county on the inside of the peninsula on August 9th.  They’ve also invited Clallam county emergency staff and this might become part of a larger aspect.

Basically they would like to have some floats fly out and get the chance to see how to work from the beach with float planes/seaplanes and load patients.  More details are to follow, but can’t make this be effective without at least one or two float planes.  So the more types we can get the better, but even if only one or two they would be very happy with that to.  Even if you are not able to help here, please at least share it among seaplane pilots.

If they have the right kind of boats we might get to do some boat to float work to. This is the first time emergency resources and planners requested floats for an exercise.  This is the launch of a whole new phase for general aviation. This is a huge positive shift in how county level emergency leaders and planners view float planes.

We have a tentative three airplanes attending, but would be extremely grateful to get some more to come. This is a huge first! Thank you!

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