The Story From Oshkosh Seaplane Base

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We’ve finally managed to find a little bit of the story from the Oshkosh Seaplane Base and hope you’ll enjoy it.

After EAA Airventure 2017 has closed up shop and all the planes have departed for their eventual destinations, we are still trying to piece together exactly what it might have looked like to be there in person. Of course for any magazine staying up to date and trying to publish all the latest relevant information, it would always be easier if we were there in person. Finances would not allow it this year.

One thing that became obvious very quickly though from a computer follower of Airventure 2017 was that social media ruled the day and little thought was given to those outside of the “social media circle.” The majority of “news” and information coming out of Oshkosh 2017 and especially Oshkosh Seaplane Base came only in the form of Tweets and Facebook posts.

We realize that both of those platforms are a great way to reach people and that news can spread quickly on them; but it’s also a very uninvolved audience and a surefire way for news and coverage to get buried under endless photos of whats for dinner.

Below you’ll find a nice video narrated by Brian Grant, a pilot from North Carolina, who took the time to make a video showing just a little of the time at the Oshkosh seaplane base and at least uploaded it to YouTube where it can still be found via Newsocracy.

Hopefully at future seaplane and general aviation events will have a representative there in person to bring you live and up-to-date news about what is happening. But until that day comes we have to hope that those there will realize that in order for other seaplane pilots to see what’s happening, it helps a lot to share the information with seaplane news outlets.

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