Sausalito Based Seaplane Adventures Under Fire

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There Is Still Time To Help A Longstanding & Well Run Seaplane Business In California

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Nothing seems to escape the anger and wrath of dedicated NIMBY’s once we enter California, one could think. Sausalito based Seaplane Adventures, run by Aaron Singer with family is no exception to this unfortunate rule. A small group of local residents have made it their goal to get their problems dealt with.  Complaints about noise and possible impacts on wildlife have now prompted Marin County officials to recommend modifying the company’s use permit to limit the number of daily flights, though one option would be to prohibit seaplanes from Richardson Bay altogether. The county Planning Commission is set to meet at 1 p.m. Aug. 28 at the Marin Civic Center to consider a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors.

We had last reported about Seaplane Adventure’s planned flights between Sausalito and Lake Tahoe on May 29th, when a disturbing comment from a local resident popped up, reporting of mounting concerns from local residents and indicating the desire for relief from the authorities. At the time we reached out to Mr. Singer as well as Seaplane Pilots Association officials, in attempts to help spur some sort of proactive information exchange between involved parties and stakeholders.

According to some residents of Strawberry point area have now managed to mount enough support for their concerns to trigger a reaction from Marin County officials. Further research into the matter reveals a tremendous amount of comments in support of the company on social media channels, which has been around the bay for 70+ years.

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Also only shared via social media was (supposedly) Aaron Singers plea for support from locals, which appeared under one of the countless strings of comments.  In it, the August 28 meeting is announced and a personal request to friends and acquaintances for Letters Of Support to be sent to Kate Sears, Maureen Parton and Jeremy Tejirian.

With only 5 days remaining, time appears to be of the essence and we kindly ask our readers and friends to share and help get as many letters sent to decision makers prior to the hearing. Experience shows that such hearings are often rude and unfair, as our common way and style of communication seems to have suffered tremendously, over the years.

Of course our editorial staff will be writing individual letters to the planning & commission staff members and will update on the progress throughout the coming days and weeks.

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4 Comments on "Sausalito Based Seaplane Adventures Under Fire"

  1. Glenn Guilfoyle | August 24, 2017 at 3:00 am | Reply

    Very sad that you would let one of your historical businesses be attacked by newcomers who knew what was happening before they moved in

  2. It is truly a shame that the inherent value of a resource that is not land bound is not being realized in a state so prone to earthquakes. Below are some links to how seaplanes have been very successfully used as a life saving resource after major events and are being integrated into a state’s response planing for after the major earthquake the west coast is due for. Maybe this is an aspect people should consider before trying to remove such a resource.
    Time line of the above’s development;

    • It may be that those most strongly opposed to seaplanes will be first in line to ask for help when seaplanes represent the only available life-line between those who have a functioning infrastructure and those who don’t – however, its safe to assume that none of the citizen group activists feel that way. From the emails we have received so far, this issue could have been addressed proactively long before it became such a problem. Lets hope for the best and lets thank our friends at AVweb who took this issue and brought it beyond the limited, short term, ineffective reach of Facebook…

  3. claude larose | August 27, 2017 at 6:33 am | Reply

    I live in Québec Canada, been flying seaplanes for 43 years, in 1997 transport Canada closed a lake where 2 seaplanes companies where doing business. Both closed, 12 pilots lost their jobs. The same thing is now happening at Lac a la Tortue witch is the oldest commercial seaplanes base in Canada founded in 1919. And the company doing business there is facing a class action suit from the resident association for and it is not a mistake 50,000,000.00 dollars. The suit has been dragging on for 6 years it has not been to court yet. Keep fighting for your business I am with you !!

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