SPAS Shares Images From Brunnen Seaplane Meetup

Brunnen Seaplane MeetupAll images courtesy of SPAS.

The Seaplane Pilot’s Association Switzerland has shared some amazing images from their 2017 Brunnen Seaplane Meetup.

The Seaplane Pilot’s Association Switzerland’s Brunnen Seaplane Meetup has been going strong over the past weekend and have been kind enough to share some of their fun with us in the form of some amazing photos showcasing the event.

According to SPAS’s Mirko Bleuer, “We’re guests at the WindWeek (multi watersport event) and have been flying with 4 cubs and 2 savannahs today, but also had a Husky and Catalina NG (UL) here yesterday. Weather permitting, ops are on tomorrow [27 August, 2017] too until early evening 1800!”

We are thankful to the SPAS for sharing these and more images from this great looking seaplane meetup and hope that in the future will be able to attend and cover more events such as this one in person.

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