Hartzell’s New Composite Prop Preflight Video


Hartzell Propeller Creates Composite Blade Pre-flight Check Video for Pilots


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Hartzell Propellers has added a new and comprehensive pre-flight video to its series of how-to videos for pilots and mechanics dealing with composite Hartzell propellers. The newest video covers the evaluation of structural composite propeller blades by describing the ins and outs of composite prop pre-flight checks.

“Pre-flight checks for structural composite propellers are very similar to metal props with some subtle differences,” said Hartzell Propeller Executive Vice President JJ Frigge. “Hartzell’s composite expert Kevin Ryan walks pilots through the pre-flight step by step, including a discussion of nicks, gouges and paint erosion caused by runway debris.”

In the video, Ryan also addresses trailing edge impact damage from tow bars or other ground handling equipment. He describes airworthy damage limits and how to properly “coin tap” the blade to detect evidence of possible delamination.

Hartzell uses aerospace grade composite construction materials that are incredibly durable, but they are not entirely immune to damage. Unlike aluminum or wooden blades, Hartzell’s composite propeller blades can be restored to their original dimensions over and over again, providing excellent life-cycle costs.

About Hartzell Propeller, Inc.

Celebrating its 100th year, Hartzell Propeller is the global leader in advanced technology aircraft propeller design and manufacturing for business, commercial and government customers. The company designs next generation propellers with innovative “blended airfoil” technology and manufactures them with revolutionary machining centers, robotics and custom resin transfer molding curing stations. With ASC-II™ composite technology, Hartzell delivers optimal performance, strength, and durability with carbon fiber blades. Hartzell Propeller and its sister company, Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC, form the general aviation business unit of Tailwind Technologies Inc.

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