Memorial Mario Stoppani Seaplane Meetup in Lovere, Italy

Memorial Mario StoppaniImage courtesy of Aerei sul Lago

Start your September by flying your seaplane to Lovere, Italy for the Memorial Mario Stoppani Seaplane Meetup on September 2-3, 2017.

Memorial Mario Stoppani

Frecce Tricolori acrobatic team who will be performing during the event. – Image courtesy of Aerei sul Lago

In preparation for the upcoming fly-in event Aerei sul Lugo in Lovere, Italy, Riccardo Stoppani took the time to translate and share with us a little more about the event, and a detailed program of exactly what you can expect to find should you make your way to Lake Iseo in September.

Memorial Mario Stoppani is a airplane meeting in memory of the famous seaplane tester and record holder from Lovere (Bergamo IT). Lake Iseo is situated in north of Italy between Milano and Brescia.
This year we will celebrate the XV edition of the event, more airplanes joined the the event using the temporary airfield of Costa Volpino, this year more than 150 airplanes are expected.
Last year pilots came from Italy, Swizerland, and a small group of seaplanes from Savannah. We are expecting friends from Germany this year with general aviation planes.
We are open to welcoming new pilots , we suggest pilots contact our organizers for logistics, air-traffic, fuel, time schedule and hotels. Circuits for landings are available here.
The Italian military Air Force also wanted to celebrate Ten. Colonel Mario Stoppani and will do so by sending the acrobatic team Frecce Tricolori for a low-pass. The Lucchini RS company from Lovere will promote an Instagram photo contest for visitors.

The program of Aerei sul Lago 2017 in detail:

Saturday 2nd of September 2017
at 16.00
  • Meeting “Aviation and tourism hospitality” – (Room consiliare of Villa Milesi , Lovere)
  • Presentation of the comics book titled “The Record of Francesco Agello” – Special edition XV Memorial Mario Stoppani – preview
  • During the weekend a static exhibition of a military aircraft F-104 Starfighter will be available close to the Lucchini RS company, via G. Paglia 45, Lovere
Memorial Mario Stoppani

A plane performing during the 2010 Memorial Stoppani event. – Image courtesy of Aerei sul Lago

 at 21.00
  • – Square XIII
  • – Concert of philharmonic regional group
  • – Director Silvio Maggioni
Sunday 3rd September 2017
  • 8.00 Meeting point seaplanes and other aircraft at airfield Costa Volpino
  • 9.30 Meeting point in Piazzale Marconi
  • 10.00 Starting commemorative group, music performed by 1st aerial group Milano
  • 10.15 Arrival on Piazzale Marinai d’Italia, official speaks with authorities. Low pass of seaplanes, Blue Circe acrobatic team and helicopter Elimast with Italian flag.
  • 11.00 Competitive circuit on the lake between speed boat and seaplane.
  • 11.30 Exercise and simulation of two rescue groups – national Protezione Civile and regional group.
  •  Lunch break
  •  14.30  Frecce Tricolori acrobatic team low pass with smokes.
Afterwards during the afternoon:
  • – Low pass of pilots visiting
  • – Graziano Mazzolari – Superbingo seaplane display
  • – Blu Circe – acrobatic team with 4 planes FL100RG
  • – Mauro di Biaggio – Bi-plane Pitts Specials aerobatics
  • – P3 Flyers – Swiss aerobatic team with 5 planes Pilatus P3
  • – Guido Raccioppoli – aerobatics on Zlin 50
  • – Group of 5 Seamax seaplanes , leader Gustavo Saurin
From 12.00 to 15.00 and after 17.00
Flying on the lake with Elimast helicopter service  (tickets available on the stand Piazzale Atleti canottieri Sebino)
at 18.00
Square XIII Martiri – Concert with 1st group Regione Aerea Milano
Director L.te Antonio Macciomei
Between 19 of august and 3rd of September:
PHOTO EXIBITION with the following topics
  • – Mario Stoppani , “100 airplanes and a big hearth”
  • – Italian Airforce and Frecce Tricolori aerobatics team
  • – Seaplanes “history and future”

Entrance via Tadini 40, Accademia belle arti Tadini

More information can be found via the Aerei sul Lago’s website or Facebook page.