Pilot Bags In A Different League – v. Hohenstein Aviation

Playing In A Different League – Producing Unique And High Quality Pilot Bags & Accessories By Hand

If attention to detail and love for highest handcrafted quality is among your top reasons to consider a product for your wish-list, we’d like to introduce you to a rather new player in the market who has been rocking the boat over here in Europe for quite some time. v. Hohenstein Aviation has been around since 2015 and we got to talk with them.

What makes a good pilot bag? Its style or form, size, color, weight, price, spaciness or compactness? So many things go into the decision which bag to settle for, but the feel and weight of a bag and its exclusive leather scent speaks an own language.

Dennis Preißler & Patrick Klein

During AERO 2017 in Friedrichshafen we met and spoke with the leaders of von Hohenstein Aviation, Dennis Preißler and Patrick Klein, makers of a new and already very popular luxury accessory brand in the industry. Both are passionate pilots themselves. It was interesting to get their viewpoints on what matters in today’s market. “People long for something that is off the beaten path, something unique if you will and they definitely have an eye for hand-made quality” says Patrick Klein, co-founder of the company.  No surprise that they proudly feature the production video, it is this attention to detail that immediately strikes those who pick one of the bags up for the first time.

Currently the company produces three bags, called Headset Bag, Cockpit Bag and the Weekender Bag ranging from 239 € to 449 €,  Light & Pro (*) Versions of the Kneeboard, both capable of holding a tablet or mini tablet and the new Logbook Holder which will transfer your logbook into an eye-catcher. Each available product comes in either brown or black leather and all of them carry the lighter blue stitching that captures and highlights the details impressively.

(*) The Pro version of the Kneeboard is not yet available in the store, check v. Hohenstein’s Website for more information on availability.

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