Ever Considered a Beer Tour By Seaplane?

beer tour by seaplaneImage courtesy of ButiqEscapes

If you are one of those people with a ton of extra cash who are looking for an interesting way to spend it, a beer tour by seaplane might be your answer.

beer tour by seaplaneIf you’ve got an extra $9,000 burning a hole in your pocket and are a lover of beer and or seaplanes, then we’ve found just the way for you to spend it. Time to call up six of your favorite drinking buddies and head out on a beer tour by seaplane in British Columbia.

ButiqEscapes advertises itself as offering luxury experiences, so it’s not exactly surprising to find something extravagant as a $9,000 beer tour by seaplane, but it is something that most of us probably wouldn’t have thought of. This takes the old idea of the “$100 hamburger” to an entirely new level.

ButiqEscapes says that this is “the most epic beer tour in the country,” as it makes stops in Canada’s oldest brewpub, in Tofino for an oceanside beer or two, and can even head to Victoria for a wider choice of breweries. The luxury Cessna Caravan that you’ll be flying around in will also make a few “unique” stops along the way for some views and experiences that you can only have in a seaplane.

The trip seems very easy to customize to you and your friend’s taste, as it should be, and can be done in a day, night, or even stretched out over a weekend (probably for an extra fee).beer tour by seaplane


While, we might be conveying a bit of sarcasm over this mixture of beer and seaplanes, it’s only because of the extravagance of the experience. Most of those who are pilots are just trying to put back enough funds to pay for a family flight up to the lake or saving for owning our dream plane one day. Of course with $9,000 you could already be a decent part of the way to your goal. For those that have the expendable income this actually looks like a really fun way to experience a wide variety of places in British Columbia in a way that very few will ever get to.

So, if you can’t think of a better way to spend $9,000 (if you can’t contact us and we’ll help you find a few); then go ahead and start planning your luxury beer tour by seaplane today.

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