Bush Flying on the West Coast of British Columbia

bush flyingImages via Screenshot

This amazing video of Mike Anderson bush flying in a De Havilland Beaver will have you wishing you were in the British Columbia skies.

bush flyingThere’s no flying like bush flying, and when it includes making numerous flights with amazing water landings on some of the most beautiful waterways in British Columbia, it’s even better.

Today you get to experience that from a seaplane pilot’s point-of-view as pilot Mike Anderson takes us along for a day of bush flying in a De Havilland Beaver on the Central Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Luckily for all of us Anderson had some great cameras mounted in and around his De Havilland for the duration of his flights and was able to capture the footage in an awesome way!

If that doesn’t make you want to book a trip up to British Columbia, there’s probably not much that will. Of course, not all of us can just drop everything to go flying, but until we can, we’ll just keep watching and dreaming

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