EDO Floats History Photos From David Quam


EDO Floats History Photos From David Quam

A classic video we love sharing here on Seaplanemagazine.com is David Quam’s collage of pictures  from the famous EDO Float Corporation. EDO earned its original fame as the world’s principal producer of pontoon floats for aircraft, starting before World War II. Edo floats were developed for the most popular aircraft, ranging from Piper Cubs to the Douglas C-47. EDO’s leadership in this field continued well into the 1970s. Today the company is owned by Kenmore Air.

The Kenmore Air Company, a small transportation company founded in the Seattle Washington area after World War II, soon augmented its charter operations with maintenance, sales and restoration work. It acquired the sales rights for EDO floats in the northwestern USA. As EDO Corporation began moving to divest itself of its aircraft-related affiliations in the 1980s, it sold the name and rights of EDO floats to Kenmore. Check them out via: kenmoreairharbor.com/edo-floats.html

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