ICON Aircraft Pricing Changes

ICON Announces Pricing Changes To Deposit Holders

ICON Aircraft has announced price changes after bit more than a year of initial production of its A5. Raising the base price from $207K to $269K and the Fully Loaded price from $257 to $389K. These changes are necessary to continue with building a sustainable business, according to Kirk Hawkins, founder and CEO of ICON. The company will deliver only fully loaded models in 2018, folks trying to secure a base model will see delivery in 2019.

Customers choosing to go forward with the changes stand good chances to move up in the slot queue, as some will become vacant. For those who will not take delivery in 2018, ICON has put a number of incentives together to keep them in the ICON Family.

  1. Financing: 10-15 year financing (available now).
  2. Leasing: 5-year leases to allow a lower monthly cash outlay.
  3. Sharing: Partial ownership. ICON will help match customers together and facilitate shared ownership.
  4. Managed (fractional): Club membership to allow fractional ownership.

For all those who continue and elect to either a) buy their A5, or b) remain on the list of deposit holders in one form or another, ICON is throwing several goodies into the mix, such as a $10K credit towards accessories, access to pre-owned A5’s, reduced rental rates, free demo flights and potential IPO access.

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