Seabear Aircraft Release Footage of New L72 Amphibious Plane Testing

Seabear Aircraft L72Image via Screenshot

We’ve found footage of Seabear Aircraft’s new seaplane the L72 making it’s first water runs.

Seabear Aircraft L72

Image via Screenshot

Seabear Aircraft are testing a new L72 6-seater amphibious aircraft and we can now see it’s first water take-off and landing.

Take a look at the videos below of both the first water takeoff and first water landing in the L72.

We don’t yet know a lot about this new plane but have been learning more about Seabear Aircraft in general  lately with a three part guest editorial from Thomas Giegerich. And, if that’s not enough, you can learn more about the “Beautiful Russian Bear.”

Stay tuned as we hope to find out more about the new L72 6 seater plane from Seabear Aircraft soon!

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