Flying The Quest Kodiak On Floats – Erik Johnston

QuestPicture: Video Screenshot

Erik Johnston Flying The Quest Kodiak On Floats

Picture: Video Screenshot

Nice video uploaded by our friend Erik Johnston, who had a chance to put his camera in- and onto the Quest Kodiak. PF is Matt Bongers from Mid America Flight Museum, who spend some quality time with Scot Warren who owns and operates Scot got his private rating at 17 and by 25 had flown everything from Pitts S2B, Lear jets, and turbo props to airliners DC-9, B727, and 737s. Scot has accumulated 22,000+ hours total time and is authorized rep for Waco Aircraft in the south central region of the US (TX, OK, AR, LA, NM, CO, KS, MO).

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