The Waterbird Gallery Is Growing All The Time

WaterbirdPicture: Courtesy & Copyright - Eric Brill

Our Waterbird Gallery Is Made By Readers Like Eric Brill

We have an awesome audience that makes it possible for us to deliver a new picture to our readers every single week. Bringing these pictures on Sundays has a reason. Those who work in and around seaplanes do not thread the upcoming week, most of the people we speak to and hear from, absolutely love what they do! No wonder! Is there such a thing as an ugly seaplane or flying boat?


Picture: Courtesy & Copyright – Eric Brill

Photographic perfection is NOT the goal and we absolutely love hearing from our readers! Simply email us at [email protected] – attach your favorite picture(s) and let us know where you took it/them. Anything you feel like sharing is welcome.

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