RAF and ASI Release Safety Briefing Guide For Backcountry Flights

RAF ASI Safety Briefing Checklist

The Recreational Aviation Foundation and AOPA’s Air Safety Institute has released a new Safety Briefing Guide to help guide pilots through recreational flying in the backcountry.

RAF ASI Safety Briefing ChecklistThanks to the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF), who’s main task is to “preserve existing airstrips and actually create new public-use recreational airstrips throughout the United States,” we’ve now been given an official Safety Briefing Guide from AOPA’s Air Safety Institute (ASI). The RAF are actively working to continue the tradition and preserve the availability of recreational airstrips all around the country, and have recently been working closely with the AOPA and with the ASI to continue to develop safe flying in these environments.

Recreational strips, tend to be non-towered and uncontrolled airfields, and are what many people refer to as backcountry airstrips. The use of these airstrips is an amazing way to enjoy the privileges of a pilot certificate and enjoy parts of the country and landscape that may be much more difficult to reach without the assistance of an aircraft.

Together the RAF and ASI have released a new quick Safety Briefing Guide that can be printed and placed in your aircraft to help make your flights into, and back out of, recreational airfields, in the safest possible manner.

Take a look below to see the guide in it’s entirety.

RAF ASI Safety Briefing Checklist

RAF ASI Safety Briefing Checklist

While many of these recreational airstrips may not seem “dangerous” or “backcountry” at first glance, taking the time to look through this checklist and to thoroughly think through all the aspects of your flight before your departure can make a huge difference in both the safety of flight and in the amount of fun you get out of your adventure. A few minutes of planning and preparation can save hours of frustration, and perspiration down the road…

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