Lufthansa Aviation Training Replaces Twin Trainers

DiamondLAT DA 42 In Lufthansa Livery

Lufthansa Aviation Training Replaces Twin Trainers

With five new Diamond DA42-VI training aircraft and two simulators Lufthansa Aviation Training, which is part of European Flight Academy, has replaced its current ten year old fleet of Piper PA-44 training aircraft. The new aircraft will be based at the Rostock Laage Airport in Germany.

Under the brand name European Flight Academy (EFA), Lufthansa Aviation Training is pooling all Lufthansa Group flight schools in Germany, Switzerland and the U.S. Claiming to guarantee 100% placement, EFA is looking to train 500 students for the Lufthansa group this year alone. With theoretical training conducted in Bremen, the practical training takes place in the United States. Instrument rating and flight experience is then completed in two locations in Germany.

With the the investment in the new training aircraft, both LAT and the European Flight Academy are trying to reduce operational cost in flight training. The strong demand for pilots and the anticipated growth in the upcoming years confronts the flight training school with unique challenges. Students currently put between $80.000$150.000 into achieving their airline pilot dreams.

The Diamond DA42-VI is a twin-engine propeller plane equipped with 165 PS diesel engines and offers space for four people. Its efficiency in fuel burns is what makes the aircraft well-suited for EFA pilot training. Diamond claims its DA42-VI platform sports 1/3 less fuel consumption and delivers better climb performance with one engine INOP than the Seminole trainer.

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