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Guest Editors

Robert Kittine (Guest Editor, Various Topics)

John Staber (Guest Editor, Lake Amphibian & Skimmer Aircraft Series)

Bryan Webster (Guest Editor, Seaplane Egress & Safety)

Paul Jackson (Guest Editor, Seaplane Topics)

Don Goodman (Guest Editor, Seaplane Topics)

Bryan Emerson (Guest Editor, Seaplanes, SAR & Civil Air Patrol)

Rebecca Hopkins (Guest Editor, Mission Aviation Fellowship)

Thomas Giegerich (Guest Editor, Seaplanes Europe & Russia)

David Legg (Guest Editor, Editor of World Catalina News, The Catalina Society)

Richard G. McSpadden, Jr. (Guest Editor, Exec. Director AOPA Aviation Safety Institute)

Paul Bertorelli (Editorial Director, AVweb.com – General Seaplane Topics)

Eric Ellison (Director of Maintenance – Kenmore Air, Technical Topics )

Paula Williams (Co-Owner,  Aviation Marketing by ABCI, Various Topics)

Jason Blair (Flight Instructor, Designated Pilot Examiner, Training & Certification)

Thomas Rolander (Private, SEL, SES, Instrument Rating, FAA Master Pilot)

Brian Byl (Regulatory Affairs Liasion, International C195 Club, Various Topics)

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