Articles by Chris Buckner

seaplane rides

Here’s Why We Need More Seaplane Rides

The reaction in this birthday surprise video shows exactly why the world needs more seaplane rides. We stumbled across this birthday surprise video from Dan and Lincoln Markham from the popular YouTube channel What’s Inside…

amphibious waco YMF-5F

A Quick Look at the Amphibious Waco YMF-5F

The Waco Classic Aircraft Corporation has recently announced the release of their newest creation, the amphibious Waco YMF-5F. Waco Classic Aircraft Corporation has added a new aircraft to their fleet; the amphibious Waco YMF-5F. The…

Grumman Albatross

Surf’s Up Behind the Grumman Albatross

Want to surf one of the rarest waves in the world? Try to catch a wave behind an elusive Grumman Albatross. The 1951 Grumman Albatross flying boat is one of the most beloved amphibious aircraft to…

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