Reviews & Testing

Zero BS Testing & Product Reviews

Occasionally, we are approached about book reviews, product reviews and long term tests, or someone wishes to send us a product to try out and then write about it. Below is a list of products we consider.

  • Aviation Books, Videos, Software, E-Books
  • Pilot Supplies & Bags, Travel Gear
  • Aviation Headsets & Handhelds
  • Pilot Training Books, Software & Tools
  • Aviation Watches & Smartwatches
  • Action-, Video- & Photo- Cameras

If you are interested to have a product or book reviewed, please email prior to shipping anything!

The ZERO BS Rule

We do not play the (fairly common) game of writing a positive review in exchange for advertising or sponsorship consideration. If you decide to advertise the product or book with us, that’s certainly appreciated, but at no time ever required to get a review published here nor will it affect the review itself. Please do not offer products for review which require a purchase. If the product is supposed to be sent back upon conclusion of the test/ review, please provide a means of shipping it back to your company/ distributor which does not create costs for our team at | Nelkenweg 6 | 27299 Langwedel | Germany

Aircraft Review Flights, Factory Visits

Currently only by special arrangement.  Please contact Jason J. Baker via Email or call +49 (0)173 8124992