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March 15, 2018 – Update: There have been many positive developments for and we have had great articles & pictures shared. News are hailing in, we’ve had some great guest editorials, such as from Paula Willams on getting neighborhood airports humming and yesterday by Jason Blair, who shared an in-depth look at what is going on with the CFI Shortage we seem to experience in General Aviation. Dave Marion has shared a lot of technical insights with you, and Sky Terry had lots of good developments with his emergency and disaster response work.

Our Facebook Page surpassed 1,000 Likes and we have celebrated reaching up to 6.000 people per week on Facebook alone. Currently our articles are shared with 226 Followers on Twitter, as well. #TheFutureOfWaterflying is showing further growth and we are constantly working on expanding our coverage.

Challenges Past Are Challenges Ahead

The challenges remain what they have always been. Many companies we deal with absolutely love the news coverage (it seems to be PAY TO PLAY with many associations and print magazines) but go from rumbling thunder to crickets in literally no time, when the magic word “ADVERTISING or SPONSORSHIP” is mentioned. A lot of marketing focus is placed on trying to entertain high profile events, social media instant like-farming takes place and everyone is competing for an increasingly attention deficit ridden audience of people who scroll on smart devices, but contribute little to nothing anywhere else… What doesn’t help a lot is to receive news releases which are basically instructing the reader to buy something. That’s simple advertising and we’ll be a bit more selective and scaling back on providing this kind of coverage and reach.

Suffice to say that would have been dead and closed, had we not found a few Sponsors & Advertisers to keep bringing you this magazine. We got kicked hard by some of the marketing & advertising agencies out there and experienced downright nasty stuff. So, the request for help is: If you know of a company that would consider sponsoring this endeavor, please get in touch! Currently, we are hard at work to get the following events funded for coverage:

  • AERO Friedrichshafen & ILA Berlin (we are exhibiting there)
  • EBACE Geneva with following SPAS Hergiswil Seaplane Fly In
  • Biscarrosse Seaplane Meeting in France
  • Airventure 2018 in Oshkosh/ including Seaplane Base
  • International Seaplane Fly In – Greenville, Maine

Top Sponsor Announcement

Wipaire, Inc. has signed up for one of our two Top Sponsor Spots and Waco Aircraft had previously helped us to remain open by advertising their new and exciting Waco YMF-5F on our page. Besides SeaBear Aircraft and sky[nav]pro™ our friend Jake Morell with Hardscrabble Lodge has made life easier by promoting his books with us. We are actively seeking further strategic partners and sponsors and remain dedicated to offer unmatched benefits to those who help us!

List Jobs, Airplanes & Real Estate

Quite a few inquiries have been placed asking us to offer classifieds for Jobs, Aircraft and Aviation Real Estate. Have you seen our humble Job Listing Page? We can do the same for a limited number of companies looking to sell aircraft and we can certainly help in getting your property listed for sale. Did you know that sponsors/ advertisers have the option to list unlimited jobs and share one free aircraft listing per month here? Jobs & Planes are just €30.00 per month and jobs recycle up to four times during their term! For Real Estate, we offer individual advertorial style listings. There are plans to offer a full fledged classified listing service in the future, but as you can imagine, both funding and time for this is fairly limited.

FAQ: Reader Support – Subscription & Plans For A Print Version

Is there a way for readers to support the page with a subscription style setting? The answer is: Not at this time. We do not sell “memberships” and do not wish to restrict content or make valid and useful information about this industry and its potential available to yet another little exclusive club. In the future we will accept voluntary financial reader support and when the time comes, we will announce it here. The best support readers can afford us right now is to share the articles and make aviation companies aware of the opportunities to present themselves here.

Can we offer a monthly print magazine that can get distributed to subscribers who wish to have something made of paper? The answer is: YES, we can, but… the maintenance of the website requires lots of time and available funds are severely restricted. Finding companies willing to fund a monthly print magazine, setting up a international distribution network and getting such a show underway in today’s market, seems a bit risky, maybe even a bit crazy. If you consider that a fully mobile news site is having a difficult time to get sponsors the question remains how one would properly fund a print magazine in today’s greedy environment. While many of these challenges are purely political and caused by the new advertising world order we all witness, its to hard a nut for us, right now.

We have scrapped the email newsletter and instead opt to provide our updates in the form of this sporadic online newsletter. If there are questions or concerns, feedback, tips, tricks, stories, pictures or a guest editorial to share, you know where to click – to send a quick email.

Email – Newsletter: No More

February 1, 2018 – Update: We have some sad news for those who were looking forward to receive their January 2018 Newsletter this week.

On February 1st, 2018 our Newsletter Plugin crashed and caused a fatal error after installing an update, crashing our complete website along with it. There have been technical difficulties all along with the processing of emails and the software itself, with emails not being sent and registrations not being confirmed through the software.

For us this is not worth the effort to try and fix, just to continue a relatively antiquated form of communicating with our readers. This time can be spent further increasing our coverage and to continue fostering #TheFutureOfWaterflying.

Our very limited financial resources do not allow for taking the focus off what matters to our daily visitors and readers. Alternatively, we will make information about the site available here, for everyone to see.

As always, feedback via Email remains welcome and is appreciated via