10312355_1671478803129875_8250828371747423963_nWANTED: Training Content Editor is looking for an enthusiastic and upbeat writer to help us develop the “Training” section. The ideal person enjoys writing and is interested to capture and inform our readers and visitors about seaplane training topics. Your articles may range from simple “How To” articles to tips and tricks for beginners.

  • Experienced as Seaplane Flight Instructor and/ or Designated Pilot Examiner
  • Able and willing to develop topics, stories and training related news
  • Able and willing to produce genuine and fresh content for our readers
  • Computer savvy & able to work with simple WordPress publishing tools

Ideally, the right person is capable to produce one article per week (biweekly if time is limited) in a “NO DEADLINE” environment without supervision or guidance. The perfect writer is involved in the seaplane training community, willing to reach out to others and capable of building and capturing his/ her own audience. The ability to interact and communicate with readers and visitors professionally and courteously is desired.

» Please Note: This is not a paid writer position «

Please contact if interested. If you know someone we should contact please email as well.