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Seaplanemagazine Waterbird Pictures

Here appear reader submitted pictures. Selection is random. Picture(s) must have a maximum of 4000 x 4000 pixels. Please add a short text about the picture to let us know who the photographer was and where the picture was taken as we will credit accordingly. Please do not submit pictures not taken by you personally. Thank you!

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Husky at Pushaw Lake – Jason J. Baker (Seaplaneforum.com)

Beaver @ Halo Bay, Alaska

Picture via Facebook


Picture by Glenn Guilfoyle – New York


“Lake Shannon Evening Takeoff” – Clint Starrs


February 19, 2016

Picture: M. Urlacher via Email

February 12

Image Submitted Via Gallery Upload

Seaplane Picture

Picture: Courtesy Of Andrew Clark, CEO and Owner of Fly The Whale

Picture Of The Week

Picture: Bill Rusk

Seaplane Picture Of The Week

Picture Courtesy: Garth Evans – Gammonriver.com

Pacific Island Air PIA5

Pacific Island Air – Picture Of The Week

Seamax M-22 on the beach

DART Exercise Don Goodman

Picture by Garth Evans, Gammonriver.com