Smooth Flying: A Sense Of Timelessness

Smooth flying: a sense of timelessnessPicture: Taquan Air, Alaska

Smooth flying: a sense of timelessness….

Smooth flying: a sense of timelessness

Picture: Taquan Air, Alaska

Enjoy a 15+ minute flight shared by Youtube user David Lakota featuring footage from a flight taken on Taquan Air’s scheduled flight from Ketchikan to Hyder. Together with the impressions left, a video like this may really be all that’s needed, to make your Monday morning look more appealing.

I was surprised to see a few golden sand beaches along the way. Shocked by the immense distances of wild, untouched country between remote outposts of civilization. The farther and longer we flew the more I felt like I was going into the great beyond- maybe never to return. Oh well, a journey this glorious and beautiful… mystical and enchanting was worth living and dying for.