PK-Floats: Hitting The Water Running

PK Floats: Hitting The Water RunningPicture: PK Floats Facebook Page
PK Floats: Hitting The Water Running


PK Floats: Hitting The Water Running

Founded in 1954 by Pete Kelner of International Falls, Minnesota, PK Floats Inc. had been purchased in 2000 by Alton Bouchard of Maine. He moved manufacturing from New Mexico to Lincoln, Maine. Alton’s unexpected death in February of 2013 left many owners and prospects in limbo on whats in store for the future of the company. But, in 2015 PK Floats found new owners. The purchase, coupled with a substantial investment in the Maine facility put new life back into the company.

2015  saw PK Floats back in production and a sigh of relief went through many of the aviation forums out there. The upbeat attitude reflects throughout the industry.

The feature image in this article shows the PK Floats team together with Paul LePage, Governor of the State of Maine. For more information on PK-Floats, visit their website or jump in on the Facebook page. Flying into Lincoln, Maine (KLRG) isn’t all too difficult and there’s someone to give you a tour of the company.

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