The DHC-2 Beaver And Its Incredible Fan Club

BeaverImage: Creative Commons Wikipedia

The DHC-2 Beaver – A Workhorse And Its Incredible Fan Club


Image: Creative Commons Wikipedia

No day passes where there isn’t at least one picture of a DeHavilland DHC2 Beaver crossing our screen. The aircraft on wheels is impressive enough for most, however seeing it on floats adds a whole new dimension. Every aircraft type comes with its own fan clubs and forums – however Beaver lovers have a special address at their fingertips to feed the addiction. Neil Aird’s is this special place, that nearly 1.5 million visitors have hit. Not without reason, we think.

A long time enthusiast of the de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver bush plane, aviation artist and researcher Neil Aird decided to do something about all the information he had amassed on this aircraft. The site was just the start of this mission and it ended up surpassing his wildest dreams.


Picture: Screen Capture

You can spend a week on this website and still find something new. Chances are, if its got anything to do with the DHC-2, then Neil is the guy I would  recommend!

Not a bad reference to get. Neil was quick to respond, despite being busy with the other sites he manages. You can find most of Neils work by visiting the various links shared here.  Visit | | or the newest addition

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