John Snaps Knapp Micro Mong Reader Image

John Snaps KnappImage: John "Snaps" Knapp

John Snaps Knapp Micro Mong – Featured Reader Pics

John Snaps Knapp (friends just call him Snaps) submitted a few pictures for on the weekend. The Micro Mong Rocket featured here is already famous everywhere and so is its owner. “Snaps” took this airplane off the water in 2.5 seconds at the Oshkosh Seaplane Base in 2008 and it has been featured in more than one magazine. The “Snapper Floats” were designed and built by Snaps, too! What a fun machine to fly!

John "Snaps" Knapp


The machine is powered by a Rotax 582, the prop is a Warp Drive and the smoke system is operated by a windshield washer pump.  Our thanks to “Snaps” for sharing this here.

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