Ketchikan Visitors Bureau Features Seaplanes

Ketchikan Vistitors BureauVideo Screen Capture
Ketchikan Vistitors Bureau

Video Screen Capture

Ketchikan Vistitors Bureau Features Seaplanes On Vimeo

Ketchikan Visitors Bureau has featured its Bush Pilots on its Vimeo Channel which is now rushing through aviation forums and social media. Very nicely done and definitely a tribute to seaplanes and the people who fly them.

Often called “swashbucklers of the sky,” Ketchikan’s bush pilots are equal parts skilled and safety-conscious, a necessity in SE Alaska, where the weather can pick and roll on a penny. Told by pilots, dispatchers, aviation mechanics, this film is a window into the area’s past and present. Filled with celestial cinematography, the film showcases Ketchikan’s picturesque backyard, a stunning reminder for those who’ve been lucky enough to see it in person and a bucket list prompt for those who haven’t.

Ketchikan is an Alaskan city facing the Inside Passage, a popular cruise route along the state’s southeastern coast. It’s known for its many Native American totem poles, on display throughout town. Nearby Misty Fiords National Monument is a glacier-carved wilderness featuring snow-capped mountains, waterfalls and salmon spawning streams. It’s also home to rich wildlife including black bears, wolves and bald eagles.

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