European Coastal Air Flies Split To Dubrovnik

DubrovnikImage: Courtesy Of European Coastal Airlines

Image: European Coastal Airlines

European Coastal Air Flies Split To Dubrovnik For The First Time

On February 1, 2016 European Coastal Airlines announced the successful completion of its first flight from Split to Dubrovnik. The trip by seaplane cuts wheel-based travel time significantly and the flight marks yet another step towards success for the airline which was founded in 2000.

The flight adds yet another milestone to bringing affordable seaplane travel to Croatia. This in itself was by far no simple feat. Government bureaucracy had delayed ECA from launching and the endeavor represents a large investment of time, effort and work for all involved. All the more reason to recognize the positive developments as well as the rapid expansion of the airlines route network. On its Facebook page the company announced:

What a beautiful day! We finally landed. Our first flight from Split to Dubrovnik Airport! We hope to find a solution for our seaport very soon.


Image: ECA’s DHC-6 Interior

We look forward to continue reporting about the developments and advancements for this seaplane company, which lives and grows in one of the worlds most complicated and difficult regulatory environments.  Should you plan to travel to Dubrovnik, remember to travel in style and arrive by seaplane.  Visit: European Coastal Airlines for more information.

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