Flying The Icon A5 In New York – Video


FlyingFlying The Icon A5 In New York

The ICON team recently traveled to New York City to introduce the A5 to some of the world’s leading business and lifestyle publications. ICON pilots demonstrated the A5’s capabilities with a flight profile that included takeoffs and landings on the Hudson River, stunning views of the New York skyline, a lap around the Statue of Liberty, and a loop around Lower Manhattan. ICON’s New York visit also gave A5 position holders the opportunity to experience the A5, offering an unforgettable flight against one of the world’s most iconic backdrops.

2015 was ICON’s most significant year and included the first customer delivery during summer, the transition to a new factory, and a very well-received media debut. This has translated to a high volume of new deposits and in recognition of the increasing wait time, ICON has made it easier to become an A5 deposit holder by establishing a lower $2,000 deposit for an A5 position. Currently, new customers signing up will wait for Q3 of 2019 to receive their aircraft.

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