The Chronicles Of Colonial Skimmer 1

The ChroniclesJohn Stabers Skimmer One @ Wentworth 2015

The Chronicles Of Colonial Skimmer 1 – John Staber’s Longlasting Love Affair With A Historical Waterbird

The Chronicles

John Stabers Skimmer One @ Wentworth 2015

The Chronicles Of Skimmer N6595K, a book written by John Staber of Chatham NY, shines a light into the love affair with a special waterbird. John recently sent us this picture of his beautifully restored “Skimmer One”. The aircraft carries Serial #1 making both aircraft and owner interesting to learn about.

In 1946 David Thurston established the Colonial Aircraft Corporation at Sanford Maine to build his design for a small amphibian flying boat, the Skimmer. The company was initially located in Sanford, Maine.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=“”]David had formed the Colonial Aircraft Corporation with the intention of eventually producing the aircraft. The Korean War interrupted the flight testing, but finally a type certificate was issued and production started in 1956 after the company moved to Sanford, Maine. David passed away on December 10, 2013.[/pullquote]

John Staber, aka “SkimmerOne” is the person who bought and rebuilt the Serial #1 of this aircraft, ending up with thousands of pictures, documents and often, as the walking history book on this aircraft. The experienced Flight Instructor who is involved with the Lake Amphibian Flyers Club, a founding member of and Member of Seaplane Pilots Association has accumulated some 5000 hours of experience in this type since 1964.

The Chronicles

Book Cover

In the book (we’d encourage you to buy and read) you can find extensive information about his experiences with this aircraft. There is also a 10 part series of articles that will give you hours of reading pleasure. No surprise that John is known as Mr. Skimmer and highly regarded in the Lake Flyer community.

When you purchase the book you will find a CD-R with hundreds upon hundreds of pictures and John is always willing to help get you sorted out when looking to purchase a Lake Amphibian or wish to learn more about the Colonial Skimmer.

The ChroniclesThe book is available through John’s Website.

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