MSEA Losing Power over Seaplane Base Lease

MSEAImage via Miami-Herald

Reports are out showing that the MSEA (Miami Sports and Exhibition Authority) may be losing power in midst of seaplane base deal.


Image via Miami-Herald

The MSEA (Miami Sports and Exhibition Authority) has been under a great deal of scrutiny lately and the Miami city commissioners have already begun to take away some of their powers after a some disagreement over the leasing of waterfront property for a seaplane base.

The property in question is that on the southwest corner of Watson Island which is owned by the city. MSEA recently leased the city¬†owned “prime” waterfront property to a private company as part of a plan to revive a seaplane base and heliport on an island which has housed seaplane operations since the 1920s.

New city Commissioner Ken Russell questioned the authority having the power to make decisions like this without voter approval and very quickly amendments were written up limiting the powers of the group stating that they must now seek approval from the city commissioners before selling or leasing any property.

From the looks of things this is only the first in a number of steps planning to limit, or completely take away any power that MSEA has over the Miami properties, but we are glad to see that they made the right choice regarding the seaplane base and hope that the city commissioners don’t try to take it away.

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