Akoya From LISA Airplanes: Amphibious LSA


The AKOYA From LISA Airplanes: This Amphibious LSA Is Ready For Action And The Next Generation Of  Pilots

AKOYAThe Akoya video below, shared by French LISA Airplanes is exactly the kind of action we like to see from the Waterflying industry.  Upbeat, positive, focused on the future and ready to take a new generation of Waterbirds to new heights. From either ground, water or snow, this light sport aircraft can reach 135 knots and takes its passengers up to 1000 miles away, using just as much fuel as a Toyota Corolla. Futuristic enough for James Bond to love it and still real enough to look cool in it, without all the special effects.

As a product of passion LISA Airplanes went on to conceptualize and come up with the means to produce an aircraft that will be equally home on land, snow and water. This adds sheer endless options for the future owners of this multi purpose aircraft, which aims to revolutionize how people travel for leisure. The underlying mission is freedom to move, fly and have fun.


Land | Snow | Water & Folding Wings

A €300K (excl.VAT) price-tag is attached to Lisa’s Turnkey Offer and for a deposit of €10K, your production spot is secured. We spoke with LISA Airplanes and learned that about 100 of these aircraft are on order already. Deliveries are expected to begin in the Summer/Fall of 2017. LISA Airplanes chose to stay within the limits of LSA classification rules which were created in 2005, knowing that LSA is the only growing and spreading market in many parts of the world.


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  1. Please visit the manufacturers website and contact them directly with questions.

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    neat aircraft

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    Can this aircraft handle a rotax 914 turbo engine I have an private pilot certificate.

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    send some info if you can to my email. Thanks

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