IRSOC International Republic Seabee Owner Club

IRSOCImage by Bruce Hinds

IRSOC – The International Republic Seabee Owners Club


Image: Courtesy of Bruce Hinds

The IRSOC – Its hard to find a more knowledgeable and dedicated group of people surrounding this aircraft, than the International Republic Seabee Owner’s Club.

The Republic Seabee is a product of Republic Aviation Corporation which was an American aircraft manufacturer based in Farmingdale, Long Island, NY. Originally known as the Seversky Aircraft Company, the company was responsible for the design and production of many important military aircraft. These include the P-47, F-84 and F-105 as well as the A-10. Most important for us Waterflying people is the Republic Seabee RC-3.

Bruce Hinds, who sent us some pictures for our “Picture Of The Week” collection, is the author and editor of the Seabee Newsletters and has managed the groups Yahoo email group passionately for many years. He is the former President of Washington Seaplane Pilots Association and serving on the Board of Directors at Seaplane Pilots Association.


IRSOC’s Logo (Click to Visit)

Those who know the aircraft, love it and remain loyal to it. We’re surrounded by some amazing groups and people who keep information available and our Waterflying community alive and humming. A true expert site that allows anyone with an interest in learning to fly a Seabee to do so with just a click. Membership is free and there is a Seabee Owners Club Group on Facebook as well.


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  2. hi, i am trying to join the seabee owners club. how do i contact them. Thank you

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