Early Days Of Float Flying With J.J. Frey

Early Days Of Float FlyingScreen Capture

The Early Days Of Float Flying – Video Narration By J.J. Frey (Mr. Floatplane) & David Quam (SPA1)

Early Days Of Float Flying

Screen Capture

This early days of float flying video was done by the founder of Seaplane Pilots Association David Quam (aka SPA1). Its just one of several he  has created to secure a library of historic film material for us seaplane people. Restoring this film material would have been a monumental task already, but then taking the time to narrate it with the help of another historic fixture in the seaplane world J.J. Frey (aka Mr. Floatplane) brings another level of dedication to the game.

Now these videos and many of our blasts from the past have been shown and covered everywhere and often viewed thousands and tens of thousands of times. Why run them again? The answer is a simple.  To our communities the past is as  important as the future. Seaplanes have always and will always enjoy this exotic status with both aviators and the nonflying public alike. What is a dream to some and unimaginable risky to others has been a valid and seasoned pillar of aviation as we know it today. Every once in a while we could unplug from the fast-lived world of “Wow!” videos and all the amazing pictures and go back to where the roots are. With just over 55 minutes this film is perfect length to have a movie lunch at the office today and walk away with a renewed appreciation. Grab your popcorn and enjoy!

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