A Look At Jack Brown’s Seaplane Rating Course

Jack Brown's Seaplane Rating CourseImage via Screenshot

Have A Look At Exactly What It’s Like To Go Through A Jack Brown’s Seaplane Rating Course. 

Jack Brown's Seaplane Rating Course

Image via Screenshot

Anytime you start looking or considering getting a pilot’s certificate or adding on a new rating, the first thing most of us do is to start researching places to do that training. Unfortunately even with all the information available on the internet it’s sometimes still hard to find out exactly what a training course will be like.

Lucky for us Aviation Consumer’s Larry Anglisano recently went through a Jack Brown’s Seaplane Rating Course and decided to take the camera along. What we end up with is an inside look at exactly what you will get should you decide to spend the $1,400 to go to Winter Haven, Florida for your SES rating.

While it’s true that you still never know exactly what a course will be like until you actually go through it yourself, this video, shared by AVWeb, gives us an amazing look inside a flight school that few have offered before. If you choose to take part in a Jack Brown’s Seaplane Rating Course, you shouldn’t be surprised by much after this preview of what they offer.

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