EAA Member Input Helps Simplify YPP

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EAA Member Input Helps Simplify Youth Protection Policy – Further Clarifications By EAA’s Jack Pelton

EAA Member Input

Jack Pelton

Through an e-hotline earlier this month, EAA had clarified some of the misconceptions and addressed membership concerns. On February 25, 2016, Jack Pelton, CEO of Experimental Aircraft Association provided further updates and clarifications to members and volunteers involved in the EAA Young Eagle programs. Young Eagle events throughout the country have brought nearly two million youth into the cockpit of general aviation aircraft through the years.

While the overarching purpose of the policy remains the same – “to protect young people who are involved in EAA’s youth programs and protect our volunteers who dedicate time, energy, and their own funds to these programs” some changes and easements were implemented. Within the programs, EAA split the policy’s elements into three distinct areas: Young Eagles flights and activities, youth education programs such as aircraft building projects, and youth activities at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.

Thanking members and volunteers for their input, he noted the following changes in the Young Eagles segment

  • Removing what many thought was an overly burdensome photography policy. There are now simple guidelines to work with parents when taking photos.
  • No requirement to provide a Social Security Number when completing the background check (it is optional).
  • Simplified requirements for ground volunteers at Young Eagles rallies, to requiring only two-deep leadership that has completed the training and background checks.
  • Elimination of the staff-to-youth ratio for Young Eagles rallies.
  • Clarification on topics such as supervision in an aircraft, individual Young Eagles flights, and record keeping.

Pelton urges members to also review the brief guidance sheet regarding the Youth Protection Policy and Young Eagles activities which will help answer questions that chapters may receive. He stresses the importance to know and understand the entire policy as it relates to Young Eagles. Similar background sheets are in the works for other chapter youth activities and for AirVenture youth activities. For the latest updates, click here.

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