172 on Floats in Alaska is a Beautiful Sight

172 on Floats in Alaska

This Cessna 172 On Floats In Alaska Is A Beautiful Sight That You Will Not Regret Seeing.

172 on Floats in AlaskaSometimes when the weather is not very good, or you’ve had a tough day you just want to watch something amazing. If you’re in one of those moods then this Cessna 172 on floats in Alaska should do just the trick. It is beautifully filmed and somehow manages to be both exciting and relaxing at the same time.

This picturesque flight starts at Trail Lake (Moose Pass, AK)  and then flies south to Kenai Lake, Cooper Lake, Upper Russian Lake before turning back to it’s original position. Makes you want to drop everything and move to Alaska doesn’t it? I know it does me.

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