Visiting Seabird Seaplanes In India

Seabird Seaplanes In India

Seabird Seaplanes In India, Overcoming Challenges – One Day At A Time

Seabird Seaplanes In India

Image: Courtesy Of Seabird Seaplanes

One of the more impressive companies we have watched for quite a while is Seabird Seaplanes in India. The company was incorporated in 2012 under the Indian Company Act of 1956. Its main objective is to carry on the business of aviation in tourism sector. More specifically, bringing tourist travelers by seaplane to a country that has had its challenges with allowing it. Not a small feat, this undertaking. Tirelessly, the company trucks on knowing that the big day will come.

With the Indian aviation industry growing and becoming established, Seabird Seaplane Pvt Ltd. having its base at Kochi plans to sieze the opportunity to introduce non scheduled flight operations to the busy tourism area. The have acquired two beautiful Quest Kodiak 100 amphibious aircraft, with a carrying capacity of 8 passengers each, which offers value for money to customers desiring to fly to various tourist destinations within Kerala and Lakshadweep.

The company also wants to add a new means of transportation from Kochi to Kavaratti Island and back. The seaplane service would provide travelers with a leisurely trip and also an effective and fast mode of transport. Moreover flying at low altitudes, the passenger can enjoy spectacular view of backwaters of Kerala and the Lakshadweep Islands in all its beauty. Ultimately, getting on the step and taking off would boost activities in Kerala and Lakshadweep.

Seabird Seaplanes In India

Not a day goes by without some sort of new story being raised on this undertaking. As an industry and as peers we can and should cheer them on, knowing that the most difficult and lengthy journey starts with the first step. Seaplanes in India? Impossible they said. Check out their website and and check them out on Facebook.