Seaplane Plan on Tavares’ Budget List

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The City Council Has Released Tavares’ Budget List And The Seaplane Master Plan Is On It.

Tavares' Budget List

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America’s Seaplane City has released their 2017 budget wishlist and things are looking good for the seaplane industry. Tavares’ budget list is made up of many different ways to improve the city but the completion of the Seaplane Master Plan is definitely a big part of it.

The Daily Commercial has recently announced that the Tavares City Council has handed in their budget proposals to the city administrator John Drury and along with the Seapane Master Plan, some of the biggest things on the list are to set aside up to $700,000 for the city’s street repaving plans, and finishing up many public works projects.

The city council is working to use the taxpayers money to the best of their ability and some, such as Councilman Kirby Smith, are even pushing to lower the property taxes; citing that higher populations mean that even lowered tax rates will keep the city moving forward.

While Smith pushed to lower tax rates Mayor Robert Wolfe said that it just wasn’t feasible to both lower taxes and keep the city moving forward as quickly as they would like.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“As long as the individual taxpayer can see the city is moving forward in fixing the roads, building a new Public Safety Complex, making the parks better, making the library better, most people are fine with paying their fair share of the property tax bill. It’s very little that I hear anybody complaining in the city of Tavares about the tax rate.”            -Tavares Mayor Robert Wolfe[/pullquote]

The next step is for Drury to sit down with the actual numbers and compare them to the council’s wishes and hopefully put together a budget that will allow all parties to be satisfied and to keep the city of Tavares moving forward.

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