Seaplane Safety: A License To Learn

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Seaplane Safety Starts With You, Your Seaplane Rating Is Only A License To Learn

Seaplane SafetySeaplane safety is a huge part of flying a plane on floats. It’s something you must be thinking about every time you fly or think about flying. But the biggest thing that new pilots should always remember is that when you get your seaplane rating, you are only just beginning, think of it as a license to learn.

To get a better idea at some of the safety issues that can come up when flying a seaplane or in an emergency situation take a look at this video produced by Transport Canada. While it is a few years old, the ideas you’ll see and hear haven’t changed.

There is a lot in here that anyone from an experienced pilot with thousands of hours can hear and learn from, all the way down to a prospective pilot who has never actually been in command of a seaplane at all. If you have ever even thought about flying a float plane then it will be well worth your time to have a look at this safety information.

No matter which side of the fence you ride on some of the safety issues discussed what really matters is that you are actively thinking about these topics and keeping safety and emergency planning as a key part of your flights at all time.

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