Seaplanes Could Take Off In London This Summer

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After Many Years Seaplanes Could Take Off In London Once Again, Starting This Summer. 

Seaplanes Could Take Off In LondonAfter seeing some recent seaplane success in some European cities, the Scottish company Loch Lochmond Seaplanes has decided to push for more of the same in England; and as a result, seaplanes could take off in London once again.

Loch Lochmond Seaplanes currently only  flies around the west coast, north of the English boarder. But, the companies founder, David West, said that Londoners are crying out for seaplanes because of the convenience they offer.

“You can turn up 15 minutes before your flight park your car by the side of the water and get on board. This is the simplicity of it. It is this wonderful experience rather than something you have to endure.” said David West, Founder Loch Lochmond Seaplanes

The company plans to launch it’s first flight in England this summer with a route from the Thames in London to the Island of Osea, off the coast of Essex. With it’s luxury resort, the 400-acre island attracts many elite visitors, and arriving by seaplane will just add to the value of the trip.

Even with this inital offering being geared towards the elite, West hopes that eventually Loch Lochmond Seaplanes will be able to offer tickets from as low as £89, to give the general public the chance to use and enjoy seaplanes in London and on the river Thames.

He also hopes to be able to use seaplanes to better connect London and Scotland by offering flights from the Thames to Loch Lomond in Scotland, hopefully with a few other options along the way. West added,
“The beauty of seaplanes is that you don’t need infrastructure.”

This is something we at love to see and will be pulling for Loch Lochmond Seaplanes and their continued success as they embark on this new adventure.

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