Check Out This Water Landing at Pula Harbor

Pula HarborAll images via Screenshot

You Get A Nose View Seat As This Twin Otter Makes A Water Landing At Pula Harbor In Croatia.

Pula HarborThere are  many different ways to watch a seaplane make a landing on floats, but seeing this Twin Otter make a water landing at Pula Harbor from the nose is a pretty incredible view. The European Coastal Airlines plane has had a GoPro attached to it’s nose and manages to catch the decent and landing perfectly, all from an angle that we don’t usually get to see.

Have a look at this beautiful harbor and area surrounding Pula Harbor in Croatia with the landing and seaplane opportunities it offers. European Coastal Airlines currently has daily flights coming in and out of Pula Harbor going to Rijeka, the island of Rab and Mali Losinj.

Very nice smooth landing on the nice Croatian harbor. Luckily for everyone involved the pilot managed to stay clear of the birds that started flying as the plane approached the water and the touchdown was as clear and calm as the weather surrounding it.

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