Grumman G44 Widgeon: From AL to Victoria, Canada

Grumman G44 WidgeonAll images via Screenshot

Following This Grumman G44 Widgeon From Alabama To Victoria, Canada Is A Journey You’ll Want To Make More Than Once.

Grumman G44 WidgeonThe Grumman G44 Widgeon is a plane that not many pilots get the opportunity to see, much less fly. And of those pilots who have actually flown one, only a small percentage have ever taken a trip like this. This beautiful Grumman G44 Widgeon left Gulf Shores, Alabama and by took the scenic route to get all the way across the country up to Calgeary, Alberta for some VFR flight through the Canadian Rockies. After having a little play time there they took the final trip to Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. A total trip of 4 days and over 2,400 nautical miles, but one that will leave enough memories to last these lucky pilots a lifetime.

That flight would be impressive no matter what the circumstances are, but what makes it even more impressive and fun to watch is the fact that Swayne Martin, one of the pilots, managed to capture the entire flight using 5 different GoPro cameras. Definitely worth your time to watch and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the day when someone asks me to ferry their Grumman G44 Widgeon across the country.

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