Twin Bee Shows Off Glassy Water Landings

Glassy Water LandingsImages via Screenshot

If You Want To Know What Glassy Water Landings Should Look Like Check Out This Twin Bee.

Glassy Water LandingsGlassy water landings are one of the trickiest parts of flying on floats because they completely take away the pilot’s depth perception. Some pilots may fly many water take-offs and landings without ever experiencing a glassy water landing, but when the day happens that the water is completely still you’ll need to know what to do.

Take a look at this beautiful video shot on the wing of a Twin Bee. While out getting some practice on glassy water, they also managed to get some great footage.

Now you know what those landings should look like. It may be a little different view than you usually get from the cockpit, but hopefully it’s one that will help you out next time you need to make a landing in mirror like waters.

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