U.S. Forest Service To Get Two New Scoopers

Two new scoopersAll Images via FireAviation.com

The U.S. Forest Service Has Awarded A Contract For Two New Scoopers For The Next One To Five Years.

Two new Scoopers

A close up of the scoops on the C-415.

The U.S. Forest Service has signed a contract with Aero-Flite which will supply two new scoopers for the next one to five years. The water scoopers are both CL-415 air tankers and are available for a daily rate of $42,285 and and hourly rate of $13,299.

While the ability to have two new scoopers is an upgrade from last year’s one, it does come at quite a cost. The daily rates for these planes are the highest of all 21 large air tankers currently on contract; and the hourly rate is the third highest.

The maximum five-year value of the contract is $142,524,440 for both N236AC and N392AC, the two planes included.

The CL-415 tankers are twin engine amphibious aircraft with the ability to carry up to 1,600 gallons of water. It can quickly refill its tanks by skimming along the surface of a lake and scooping up water.

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