Fantasy Island Grumman Widgeon Sells For $302,500

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“De Plane De Plane” Gets New Life As The Fantasy Island Grumman Widgeon Sells At Auction.

Fantsay Island Grumman Widgeon

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One of the most famous seaplanes in the world, with a bit of a checkered past will get another chance at glory as it is was auctioned off last week at the Branson Collector Car Auction.

The 1967 Grumman Widgeon has had a bit of a storied past after its stardom in Fantasy Island including a stint in prison after being seized for running drugs from Columbia. But now after nearly 20 years of ownership Mark Trimble has sold off the plane to have yet another life.

“It’s been a wonderful airplane,” said former Plane Owner Trimble.  “Very smooth and quite surprisingly, very fast.”

When asked about his reason for selling, trimbly said, “I injured my shoulders and can no longer fly the plane. Because the controls are overhead and I cant reach them.”

Only 300 Grumman Widgeons were made, with only close to 140 left today.

“I hate to see it go,” said Trimble.  “I hope it finds a good, new home– someone who will enjoy it as much as we have.”

There is no word on who the winner of the auction was but we do know that the amazing seaplane sold for $302,500.

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