Avoiding Power-On Stalls Reminder By AOPA

avoiding power-on stallsAll images via Screenshot

Avoiding Power-On Stalls Is Something That Should Always Be On A Pilot’s Mind.

avoiding power-on stallsLuckily for us the AOPA is also thinking about avoiding power-on stalls and has produced a great reference video showing us both some of the ways that power-on stalls occur, and ways that we can prevent them. Whether you are flying floats or still on wheels this is a great reminder of a major safety issue.

Take a look and be sure to pay attention to the message and what they are saying. Even though none of the planes in this video are on floats, all of the concepts that are discussed in the video will apply no matter what plane you’re flying.

I really like how they took the time not only to talk about avoiding power-on stalls but also about recovering from them. As much as we hope to avoid stalls in general it doesn’t always work out. The biggest and most important thing is that safety is on your mind and that you are actively taking steps to combat any issues that may occur; and by watching this video you were doing just that.