WWII PBY Catalina Destroyed During Movie Filming

WWII PBYImage via War History Online

A WWII PBY-6A Has Been Destroyed During Movie Filming Off The Florida Coast.

WWII PBYA 1945 WWII PBY Catalina has been abandoned and stranded on the Florida coast near the Alabama / Florida boarder after a “mishap” during an upcoming Nicholas Cage movie USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage. 

The plane was originally left tied down just off the gulf coast after a minor complication occurred during flight and an emergency landing was required. After a few weeks a recovery operation was put into place to go, fix and recover the plane. Somehow the recovery went astray and the interior of the aircraft became flooded with water.

News crews were able to capture footage of the attempted recovery which you can see below.

Hopefully eventually this beauty will be able to be recovered and repaired, but for now she continues to sit just off the shore and gives beach-goers and surfers one new attraction to check out.

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